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PeaceLoveSugar takes ordinary sweets and remixes them to create something over the top tasty and visually appealing. I specialize in custom designs based on hobbies, interests, party themes and occasions. Are you tired of plain old chocolate cake? Let me remix your favorite flavors and whip up a dessert to strike your fancy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Movie Night

It's little miss Rece's 9th birthday and she is having a movie themed party. They rented a movie theatre to have a private screening of Kitt Kittredge - An American Girl while munching on typical movie snacks. Her aunt contacted me about making a cake to match the theme and after brainstorming we decided on a popcorn bucket. This cake was 6 layers of vanilla cake with vanilla whipped icing along with raspberry filling. Doesn't it look scrumptious?
Happy Birthday Rece!!


  1. OMG!! Great Job! That cake Looks Scrumptious! You did an excellent job on it!! :)

  2. wow kyle, this is awesome...i never knew you made such awesome cakes!