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PeaceLoveSugar takes ordinary sweets and remixes them to create something over the top tasty and visually appealing. I specialize in custom designs based on hobbies, interests, party themes and occasions. Are you tired of plain old chocolate cake? Let me remix your favorite flavors and whip up a dessert to strike your fancy.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Swoozies - Highland Park

One of my favorite gift stores is Swoozies. The bright colors draw me in every time! This store is worse than Wal Mart for me. I can go in with a list of just a couple of items and I leave with bags upon bags of cute things.
The Highland Park store has agreed to let me put my truffles on display. Along with themed truffles to look at I am delivering tons of free samples. If you are out and about in the Highland Park area swing into Swoozies and try one or fifty!

This Thursday they are kicking off their "Grad Fest" so I put this bucket together to show some options for the graduate! Graduation parties are upon us and what better way to decorate your party table than with something edible and delicious! These make great gifts too and can be personalized by name, high school, college attending etc.

While we are on the subject of bouquets, these buckets would make wonderful Mother's Day presents or teacher appreciation gifts. Each flower could feature the name of the student's in your child's class. Just something to think about...


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